High Tech POS Software Officially Returns

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Softsell POS for Car Audio Retailers

SoftSell POS announced its official return to the automotive aftermarket (after a soft launch in September) with what it terms a high tech point of sale software system, updated for the digital age.

After developing its product with over 100 licensed users for the past three years, the software officially launches as version 7 in January. It is a major update to the SoftSell POS that first launched over 25 years ago by Roy Kaplan, the owner of three 12 volt stores in the 1990s, who developed the system for his own retail use.

The software was developed specifically for the automotive aftermarket and it provides quick, automated access to scheduling, invoicing, inventory management and other functions, said the company.

Four-store chain Sound of Tri-State, DE has been using the software for almost 30 years.

“POS systems are all either web-based (with the server located at some company and you log in to access all the data on their server) or the other is local data that you have on a server at your store.  Ours is both- a unique hybrid system that combines the best features of both system types,” Kaplan said.

The advantages of the hybrid system are it provides the connectivity of the internet and the speed and power of a local database system. If the web is down, SoftSell POS keeps working. Because it’s local, it’s extremely fast, he said.

The system can show you the available installation hours left in the day for scheduling and it links all your appointments to invoices.  A customer estimate on a job can convert to an appointment. Then one click turns it into an invoice.  Or an invoice can be converted with a click to a purchase order and then to an appointment once the product comes in.

It offers real-time inventory tracking for all location in all locations.  If low in stock, it can automatically generate a purchase order.  And it can show you all your low stock.

Video tutorials are available for the program.

Kaplan, who originally owned the Boston Auto Security chain said,  “I tried multiple POS packages I didn’t like, so I started developing my own.”

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