New Firsts for Memphis Audio

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Memphis New Car Audio Firsts for the Company

Memphis Audio announced its first standalone Digital Signal Processor (DSP), its first three way component speakers and its first “mega” loaded subwoofer enclosure.

The new DSP offers the rare ability to control RGB speaker lights as well as audio. It comes with a built-in Bluetooth controller and a wired controller, accessories that are often sold separately. The VIV68DSP offers 6 channel input and 8 channel output with 31 bands of equalization per channel. It includes optical and standard inputs.

The DSP has an RGB LED light output for systems with lights in the speakers or in the vehicle itself. These can be controlled via the same app that controls the DSP’s audio settings.

New Memphis Car Audio Firsts For the Company
Memphis VIV68DSP

Delivery is expected around the first of the year at a street price of $699.95.

Memphis’ new 3-way component set is the VIV603CV2 consisting of a 6.5-inch driver, a 3.5 inch mid driver and a 1 inch tweeter.  Also available is a kit that may be added to a current 2-way VIV component speaker set to convert it to a 3-way system.  The new VIV35CV2 add-on kit includes a 3.5 inch mid driver and crossover.  Shipping for both the VIV603CV2 and VIV35CV2 is expected in the first quarter 2022 at $699.95 and $399.95, respectively.

Finally, Memphis is offering its first “mega-sized” enclosure consisting of two 15-inch MOJO subwoofers. Power handling for the unit is 3,000 watts RMS and 6,000 watts peak power.

The enclosure is ported in the front with a piano black finish at $1999.

Other new products now shipping include the highest power amplifier in the VIV line—the VIV3000.1V2 , rated at 3,000 watts RMS output.  It is joined by the VIV750.6V2 with 6-channels.

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