Surprising Top Selling Decks in Q3

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Top car radio

The top five in-dash multimedia AV receivers in unit sales to consumers often belong to traditional leading suppliers such as Pioneer, Kenwood, Alpine, and Sony.

But the pandemic, and subsequent radio shortages, have up-ended sales results so that the number one AV radio in the third quarter this year was a BOSS Audio CarPlay/Android Auto deck, the BE7ACPC, according to The NPD Group.

Where last year, for the same quarter, BOSS did not factor into the top 5 ranking, this year it took the top slot, in part for BOSS’ ability to deliver sufficient quantities to retailers, including larger retailers such as Crutchfield and

The BE7ACPC is a mechless (no CD/DVD) radio with a 7-inch capacitive screen. It comes with a back up camera at a $279 every day package price. (There is a BE71ACP version without the camera that is currently on sale for Black Friday at many retailers at $229).

See the full NPD results below.

Top Selling In-Dash Video Receivers (Model/Brand) by unit sales in the U.S. in Q3 2021:

  1. BE7ACPC              Boss
  2. DMX706S             Kenwood
  3. XAVAX1000        Sony
  4. DMX7706S          Kenwood
  5. DMX4707S          Kenwood


Top Selling In-Dash Video Receivers (Model/Brand) by unit sales in the U.S. in Q3 2020:

  1. ILXW650               Alpine
  2. DMH1500NEX    Pioneer
  3. DMX4707S          Kenwood
  4. AVH2550NEX     Pioneer
  5. XAVAX1000        Sony

Source: The NPD Group


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  1. I agree with Matt. I have seen very little amount of Kenwood. I have my doubts about the accuracy of this “data” and I question its source

    1. Hi Jamison and other CEoutlook readers. This is NPD data. Not every retailer and certainly not every specialist reports their sales to NPD. Most likely you don’t, as an example. So NPD data is not the gospel, it is just an indicator. The data is for July-September and the data is relative. So if Pioneer and Alpine are also short on product, Kenwood selling even hundreds more would put it towards the top.

  2. You can bet the data is incorrupt, and it’s no accident that the larger volume accounts get better treatment — which despite being frustrating, should not come as any genuine surprise. So it’s probably a good time to consider who is ‘supporting’ specialty retailers needs, and who is not. You can vote with your purchases and good idea to align your other category needs with brands that actually care about your business.

  3. I’d love to know where dealers got the Kenwoods to sell in Q3 listed. I haven’t seen those SKU’s since spring.

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