Pioneer Hints at New CarPlay Features

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Pioneer Hints New CarPlay Features

Pioneer Electronics hinted at new technology it will offer in the next couple of months on a Facebook Live seminar by Canadian Mobile Audio.

Harry Kroll, Pioneer National Product Trainer said Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as we know is only the beginning. “Some very, very interesting and exciting things are coming with Apple CarPlay that I can’t dig into too much now, but very interesting and exciting things you will see over the next couple of months with Apple CarPlay and being able to control the in-dash receiver with CarPlay.”

Kroll added,”If you think that CarPlay and Android auto are done, let me tell you, they are not done.  Pretty much, we’ve seen CarPlay and Android Auto version one, and version two, or something like that, is in the not too distant future. And then I’m going to throw in Alexa, with Amazon being able to do cool stuff with that…”

Kroll also said, “Pioneer is opening its eyes to more things in the driver assistance category–more communication and streaming devices in the vehicle…and as 5G opens up those doors for us, that becomes very important.”

The comments were offered during a November 3 presentation on car audio source units led by CMA’s Ben Woo.

Separately, a report last month said Apple is working on embedding CarPlay deeper into the radio and the car.  Bloomberg said CarPlay, in the future, may control the radio adjustments for speakers, tweeters, subwoofers, EQ settings and fade and balance.

Apple is also working on the ability to control armrests and seats, fuel instrument clusters, HVAC and more.

“Apple could turn CarPlay into an interface that could span nearly the entire car,” said Bloomberg.  It would also give Apple or third parties more access to data that would let them add even more features to existing car functions.

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