JVC Ships New Waterproof Amp

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JVC Waterproof Amp

JVC Mobile Entertainment is shipping a compact, waterproof and dustproof amplifier rated at  IP67/IP66 for protection against temporary immersion in water and against powerful water jets.

It’s designed to work in environments such UTVs, ATVs, watercraft, motorcycles, golf carts, and classic cars.  The KS-DR2004D  is a 4-channel amplifier rated at 50 watts x 4 at 4 ohms or 75 watts x 4 at 2 ohms (or 150 watts x 2 at 4 ohms or 75 watts x 2 + 150 watts x 1 at 4 ohms).

It has a removable waterproof/dustproof panel for making amplifier adjustments. It has undergone ASTM117 salt-spray testing for rust, and 3-axis multi-frequency testing for vibration. Its sealed cast aluminum chassis has silicon seals.  To protect against water and dust, the amplifier’s connections include pigtail cables with molded strain relief bushings and an in-line fuse (40A) with a rubber cover.

Other features of the amplifier include an input sensitivity 4-12V (speaker level) 0.2-5V (RCA level), selectable/variable HPF/LPF (50-200Hz, -12dB/octave), 2ch or 4ch input mode selection, and 2ch or 3-4ch output mode selection, as well as signal sensing turn-on capabilities.

Minimum advertised price is $249.95.



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