This High End System Is a CES Innovation Honoree (2022)

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CES 2022 Innovation Award Winners

Harman Kardon won an award for its “Flow Component System,” which will be shown during CES in January.  It includes technology from high end Revel home speakers called “Aluminum Deep Ceramic Composite cones.”  The system comes with a 3-inch “flow” midrange speaker plus 6.5 inch 2-way component speakers and a low-profile outboard crossover. Harman says it delivers “natural and detailed sound.”

Harman also received an Innovation Award for new JBL Stadium high output speakers. The system is Hi-Res Audio ready and provides an optional midrange speaker –in a choice of 2.5-inch or 3-inch sizes– with bandpass crossover to integrate with a woofer and tweeter to turn a 2-way component system into a 3-way system.

Harman Kardon FLOW Wins CES innovation award 2022

Harman Kardon FLOW wins CES Innovation Award 2022

Continental, a frequent Innovation Award winner in recent years, took a prize for its “switchable Privacy Display.” Through the use of backlighting and illumination, it allows a passenger to watch content on a display that remains hidden to the driver. “The private mode is created by a strongly directed light that is fully visible only from the co-drivers viewing angle, while less than one percent is visible to the driver.”  Or, when appropriate, the system can be switched so that the screen is also visible to rear seat passengers.

Continental Shy Tech Won CES innovation Award 2022
Continental ShyTech

Continental also won for a “ShyTech” system that promises to make it less overwhelming to use a display that takes up much of the dashboard.  The user interface changes so that only relevant information is shown.  But instead of the display going blank or blacked out at times, “our innovation creates a more attractive cockpit design presenting an elegant surface instead,” Continental said.

Another winner from Continental lets sensors from other vehicles on the road send warnings to your vehicle.  So if there’s a cyclist around a blind curve, you get a warning.  The new V2X CPM (Vehicle-to-Everything Collective Perception Messages) builds “upon standardized messaging to receive, process and understand new and vast amounts of data, maximizing the safety of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and V2X-equipped vehicles.”

One more Continental award uses four cameras to give the driver a fully unobstructed view of the surroundings of the vehicle from whatever angle is required. A CPU transmits the camera images to the car’s display screen under this newest version of Continental’s  Transparent Vehicle technology.

Origo Steering Wheel Wins CES 2022 Innovation Award
Origo Steering Wheel Concept

One other interesting winner is from three suppliers out of Finland. Called the Origo Steering Wheel concept, it lets the driver control ALL key functions solely by thumb, without letting go of the steering wheel.  It uses transparent 3D touch surfaces that are hidden until lit.  The driver’s thumb can feel changes in the user interface for guidance. Only necessary information is shown at any given time.


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