Metra Ships LED Projector Bulbs

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Heise Projector bulbs

Heise, a Metra Electronics brand, is shipping its first LED bulbs for projector lights.

Standard LED bulbs don’t work properly in projector housings as much of the light produced by the bulb can be trapped inside the baffle, reducing the visible light.   The new line fixes the problem.

The four new bulbs offer instant-full lumen start-up, efficient LED output and longer lifespan. They have an EMI filter to avoid any radio reception interference and a slimmer side cable connection and tool-less rotatable collar.

The bulbs, announced at SEMA 2021, have an all-metal construction to increase their lifespan and they use an intelligent temperature system.

One set of 80-watt bulbs is rated at 10,000 lumens.

The Heise HE-9005X fits 9005 housings, the HE-9006X fits 9006 housings, the HE-H7X fits H7 housings, and the HE-H11X fits H11 housings.

A video of the products can be seen at


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  1. Seen that in China. By design, that is not going to work well in a Projector. Its just another LED bulb. Saying its made for projectors is further confusing to the 12 volt marketplace

    1. It is not about the look of the bulb it is about the pattern of light it produces. When compared to a factory projector bulb, Heise’s light pattern matches the factory pattern, only with more output. Our team has designed and optimized the bulbs specifically for projector housing baffles using a controlled output for a focused light pattern. Watch our video at to learn more about the optics and to see a side-by-side view of these versus the factory bulbs.

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