Spotify’s Car Device Wait List Opened to All Users

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Spotify Car Thing

Spotify launched a car device called “Car Thing” back in April on an invitation-only basis and has now opened a wait list to all users.

The $80 Car Thing attaches to the car vents or dash and acts as a Spotify controller.  Users pair the device to their phone over Bluetooth and then connect the phone to the car audio system to stream music.  Users get voice control by stating “Hey Spotify.”  The selling point is it brings streaming to older cars and, because it’s a single purpose device, it delivers Spotify in an easier to use fashion.

There are questions, however, on just how much value the Car Thing provides.  The Verge wrote Thursday “… the included voice controls (“Hey Spotify) were helpful, but that might not matter if your built-in stereo does the same thing. The Car Thing is just limited…I’d recommend really considering whether it’s worth it before you sign up to buy one.”

To sign up for the wait list click here.

Source: The Verge, Engadget

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