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Press Release (UNEDITED):  Clearwater, FL  – PAC has launched a full series of high-voltage line output converters under the brand name LOCPRO AVANCED, enabling installers to add aftermarket amplifiers to OEM head units, which is particularly important in today’s market. The line showcases PAC’s legacy of advanced technology, by featuring incredible input power capabilities, enhanced output controls and noise isolation countermeasures.


The line includes a 1-series (LPA-1.2 and LPA-1.4) which handles up to 20V input and a 2-series (LPA-2.2 and LPA-2.4) and E-series (LPA-E.4) that handle up to 40V.


The benefits of LOCPRO ADVANCED’s line output converters include:

  • On-board load resistors selection
  • High input power
  • Auto turn-on with wide range DC offset
  • Durable housing
  • Single stereo gain control
  • Up to 9.5V of output voltage
  • Turn-on mode (remote and DC)
  • Selectable ground isolation

Additional features for the 2-series:

  • 40V input power
  • Low pass filter
  • Bass boost
  • Removable quick connectors with screw type terminal
  • Optional Remote level controller (LPA-REM)

Additional features for the E-series:

  • Aluminum housing to increase thermal dissipation efficiency
  • 2 or 4 Input channel selection
  • Retains fader 4-ch in/out
  • Selectable turn on mode
  • Includes the remote level controller (LPA-REM)

For more information contact your local PAC sales representative or visit If you are interested in becoming an authorized PAC dealer, contact our Global Headquarters, AAMP Global.



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