Accele Decks Ships This Month

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Accele to offer car radios

CORRECTION: We apologize for the newsletter headline that incorrectly stated Accele will ship CarPlay decks.  This was an inadvertent error.

Marking its entry into the car radio market, Accele will air ship into the US at the end of this month, its first car radios.

The double DIN decks are Android 10-based and offer smartphone mirroring (but not CarPlay or Android Auto).

A limited shipment this month will be followed by greater quantities in two months, said Accele President Allen Arzoumanian, who noted that the brand plans to offer car radios for the long run, not just during the pandemic.

The initial run is almost fully pre-sold.

The decks include cameras, and provide the ability to monitor the area around a stationary car and record footage if the car is dinged or hit while parked.  Users can then play back the footage on the car radio.

“Dealers are looking for a line that’s not sold on Amazon.  Even the number one and two radio brands have great products but they are sold through Amazon and other distribution levels, whereas ours will not be on any of those other distribution levels.  This will assure that our dealers will have a good margin and they won’t be able to be shopped,” Arzoumanian said.

The new models, DIN 700 and DIN 800, link into the OBD2 port of the car to display features such as tachometer and temperature.  These can be viewed in a split screen with other functions such as media or GPS. The decks have a 7-inch capacitive screen and access to the Google Play store.

Pricing will be announced and the radios will carry minimum advertised pricing (MAP).

Accele  said it is able to manufacture products at a time when factories are at capacity because of its long-standing relationships with factories over the years.



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  1. Did I miss something, or did you clickbait us? Headline says they are shipping some CarPlay decks, but the first sentence states “mirroring” with NO CarPlay/ Android Auto.

    What gives?

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