Odd Ball Installs–Dodge Journey

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Odd Ball Installs Dodge Journey

By Mr Retail

Nu Image Audio in Salina, Kansas submitted an interesting build to us recently.  The shop had a client with a 2020 Dodge Journey stop by who wanted wireless CarPlay and Android Auto installed in their vehicle. When TC, the shop owner, showed how the radio was going to be placed lower in the dash, the client didn’t like it….at all. But, instead of giving up and throwing in the towel, Nu Image Audio got creative.

While the client was there, the topic of the required touchscreen to control the climate control system became an important discussion. The vehicle owner was willing to have the climate controller installed in an inconspicuous spot if the radio could be mounted high up in the dash. OK, first obstacle overcome. The next obstacle was going to be the limited depth of the dash opening where the new screen was supposed to go. The install team removed the screen from the Kenwood deck and flipped the case sideways so it could fit behind the screen. A filler panel was made to go below the screen with a Journey logo affixed to the front of it.

In the glove box, Nu Image made a custom mount to hold the climate controller and shifted it all the way to the left so it would be more easily accessible. As you can see in the final images, the new unit looked great in the upper dash. I can tell you that I would have never thought of it as I would have assumed the client would never have agreed to move the climate controls to the glove box area. So, TC and his team should be commended for not taking their own thinking and applying it to the customer. They let their client know the options and make the decision.

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  1. Isaac , the photo on the left is a Pioneer with the over priced metra kit , the photo on the right with the custom dash is a Kenwood … who would? Ken would, that’s who.

  2. But.. that’s not a Kenwood? It’s a Pioneer, lol.

    Never had anyone bite on this job for the cost it would take to produce it. the $500 dash kit scares most folks away, and the thought of charging even more than that to produce this custom deal and they run away like they’re on fire. Nice to finally find a Journey owner with pockets to fund the project.

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