Firstech Adds iDataStart to Brand Mix

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Firstech iDataStart

Firstech, maker of Compustar and DroneMobile remote start brands, is adding the iDataStart remote start brand from Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) to its mix of products n the US.

Since its launch around 2014, iDataStart has become the number one selling remote start brand in Canada, said Firstech. But its presence is smaller in the US.

Firstech will not only sell iDataStart in the US, acting as master distributor, but it will jointly develop new remote start technology and products with ADS and it will actively market the brand.

iDataStart, however, will remain a separate brand in Canada.

Firstech said, “By partnering with Firstech, ADS will instantly enhance iDataStart’s presence in the U.S. market while also streamlining product development to meet the specific needs of U.S. consumers and dealers. Firstech will extend the opportunity to purchase iDataStart products to its dealer base of 1,500+ U.S. retailers along with any new dealers interested in upgrading their remote start assortment.”

Managing Director of Firstech, Jason Kaminski said, “… with the teams from both companies more closely aligned, we can speed up product innovation and better react to changing market dynamics.”

ADS and Firstech have collaborated on technology in the past, developing the “BLADE-AL” in 2007,  the first cartridge-style immobilizer bypass module, said Firstech. Several years later, the two companies released the DC3 all-in-one remote starter, which remains one of Firstech’s best selling products.

Firstech will start shipping iDataStart in the US on September 6.

iDataStart remote start features include all-in-one remote start and bypass module interfaces, a wide range of vehicle-specific t-harnesses, and web-programmability from a desktop, tablet and mobile device.


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  1. Now if Firstech would just stop selling on Amazon, and providing tech support to retail customer installations, it might be a brand worth selling again at 12V specialty shops.

    1. Agreed. It’s so annoying when you quote a customer and they decide to just go buy it on Amazon in hopes to just pay you labor. No sir, return that.

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