Oddball Installs: Go Beyond the Car

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US Axe Sound Connection Oddball Install

By Mr Retail

As you may know, we asked our 12v industry for some out-of-the-box installs. Our main purpose for highlighting these is to bring attention to areas you may not have thought of that can prove profitable.

So we will start with this build from Sound Connection Inc in Brainerd, MN submitted by tech Tyler Brown.  I gotta tell you, when I first started reading the email, I was like “what in the heck is a mobile axe throwing trailer?” After I let it sink in awhile and absorbed the information he sent, I realized it was a perfect job for a mobile electronics retailer.

The story begins with US Axe reaching out to Haymaker Brothers Welding, a company owned by Tyler’s brother in law. US Axe was seeking a mobile location to add to its existing two fixed locations. It wanted the biggest, baddest mobile unit in the industry, and it wanted it to include audio.

US Axe Sound Connections Install

Haymaker instantly thought of Sound Connection and its work on boats and Harleys, so the shop was brought in to help with those two areas. After some discussions, it was decided to go with marine grade products for the audio and 4 LED cube lights, normally installed on a truck or Jeep.

US Axe Sound Connection Install

Sound Connection chose a Wetsounds WS420BT as the source unit, which would also be used for intercom capabilities. A Rockford Fosgate M5-800×4 amplifier was chosen to power the Rockford M1WL-65MB 6.5” MotoCan wakeboard tower speakers. This particular amp was picked as future upgrades call for a second set of these speakers to be installed in the trailer next year. The Rockford ColorOptix RGB controller works the LED lighting inside the speaker cans, making for great effects during an event.

US Axe Sound Connection Install

Two pairs of the Heise Blackout Series cube lights were installed in a floor beam pattern, giving plenty of light for evening activities. A Stinger SEA27 marine battery was also installed as a source of power for the whole system. A central mounting area was used for most of the equipment in order to make servicing a breeze while out in the field.

In closing, listen to Tyler’s words describing the end result:

“When US Axe picked this first trailer up, he was speechless. It’s been in use practically non-stop since it was finished. The second trailer is scheduled to begin being fabricated in the coming weeks. It’s been super fun collaborating on such a unique project with someone with a completely different professional background, and it’s been a huge benefit to all 3 companies involved.”

I think that last quote says it all. Well done, Team Sound Connection Inc!

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