Uh Oh, Ford Now Has This…

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Ford SecuriAlert

Ford is now offering break-in detection as a new free security feature within its smartphone app.

Users get alerts on their phone if the car detects an unwarranted entry, including attempts to open doors or even enter with a key (which might be cloned or stolen). The feature is offered in the FordPass app.

If an alert is triggered, the FordPass app shows you the time of the intrusion, type of event, and the car’s last known location.  The feature is called “SecuriAlert.” It relies on the vehicle’s in-car modem.

The alerts are necessary, said Ford in a press release, because while car alarms can help deter thieves, in a city where vehicles are parked on the street overnight, owners may fail to hear the alarm or ignore it, thinking it’s from another car.

The feature is switched to “armed” when leaving the car and then “disarmed” upon return via the app.

Volkswagen and Tesla have similar security alert systems through their respective WeConnect and Sentry modes.

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  1. Ford pass is more of a tracking program than anything else. Records everything you do in a vehicle and uploads it to the Ford service. They repackage it and sell it to interested parties including your insurance company…

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