New Subwoofer Box Company Launches

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New Subwoofer Box Company

A new subwoofer enclosure company called Pressure Lab is launching out of Georgia led by Scott Miller, a long time retailer and installer, along with his wife Megan Stilliman.

Miller is teaming with national rep company Vault 12V Marketing as its exclusive rep to offer higher quality enclosures to dealers only. The company was launched in response to industry-wide shortages in subwoofer boxes.  It soft-launched in January and will begin full operations next month out of a new facility in Blairsville, GA.

Pressure Lab expects to produce 750 to 1,000 units a month and it offers 13 SKUs from single-10-inch woofer sealed boxes to dual 12-inch sealed boxes to dual 15-inch ported enclosures. Products use 3/4-inch langboard Grade A MDF and 12 ounce carpets (typical boxes use 8 ounce).  “This is the material we used at Sounds Good Stereo [TN} on a Rolls Royce,” said Miller.

The boxes are properly braced and tuned and can comfortably accommodate 1,500 to 2,000 watts in power handling, he said.

Pressure Lab Subwoofer Enclosures

Miller started out at Metra’s Installer Institute back in 2002.  “I started as a tech. I fell for it, stayed involved and stayed invested. I worked at shops in Florida from 2002 to 2013 and had some ideas that my boss didn’t and opened my own shop.  I made it about a year and realized I was only a technician… and worked again [at a shop] and then started a business in Palm Bay that went well.” He later teamed with Sage Weir and Don Lester at Sounds Good Stereo and did a brief stint at Titan Motoring, TN while laying the ground work for Pressure Lab.

“We had an idea to do some enclosures.  I’m an [industry] die hard.  I’m MECP certified. I support the text book so to take a different approach and get into manufacturing to supply our industry was definitely a change for me….We started out of a 300 square foot garage,” he said, noting that Kevin Holden of Vault 12V Marketing helped shape and plan the business.

Vault 12V Marketing also represents brands including Addictive Audio,  Audio Dynamics, Bluave Marine Audio, Cadence Sound, CSI Enclosures, DD Audio, Italia HiFi, Limitless Lithium, Logic SoundLab, Oncore Audio, PHD Audiophile, Reikken Batteries and Wirez.

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  1. Atta Boy! Proud of ya brother! Hit me up! Could definitely use some boxes!

  2. Good Job guys Proud to see a company stepping up and moving forward. Stay strong, this is a good time for your business to smash all others that are slacking in your field.

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