New CarPlay Glitch

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CarPlay Glitch

Car audio retailers may want to keep an eye out for a CarPlay glitch experienced by some iPhone users who update to the newest iOS software.

Autoevolution and other news sources report CarPlay’s Music app is crashing for some users running iOS 14.5.1, which was released about two weeks ago.

Strangely, the problem only started around Monday and Autoevolution believes it is most likely an Apple Music issue.

Over 100 Reddit users say the Music function opens but then immediately closes and reverts back to the home screen.

Rebooting the car radio or the iPhone doesn’t seem to help.

For more see  Autoevolution and 9to5Mac

Photo via Consumer Reports

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  1. I’ve had multiple clients have this issue with multiple ios versions. One of my techs and one client fixed there issues by doing the latest update and restarting their phones a couple times. So far so good. Overall, we’ve had about a dozen clients contact us about this issue in the last 48 hours.

  2. I am running 13.6 software and noticed the Music app crashing this week. Maybe it is the app and not version 14 of the software?

  3. This is the perfect reason to advise customers with CarPlay-enabled head units to wait several weeks before going to the latest iOS update on their iPhones. Let Apple work out their glitches before it becomes the aftermarket’s problem to support. I wonder how car dealerships with brands that have OE-installed CarPlay are dealing with the service department calls.

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