Sadly, We Lose Another Industry Member

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Obituary Jill McMillan In Phase Marketing

It is with sadness that we announce the passing of Jill McMillan, VP at the In Phase Marketing rep firm in Washington. She was the beloved wife of Principal Dan McMillan. Jill passed on April 8.

Suppliers described Jill as “kind” and even “an angel.”

Dan wrote the following:

…Jill and I were married back in 1989 (I’m a great salesman), and we were together for 35 years.

Jill had many accomplishments throughout the years, her most prized being her kids [Daniel and Catherine]. She had a passion for live music, an adoration for photography, was an avid reader, and it goes without saying, she loved chocolate.

We started our rep firm, In Phase Marketing, in the fall of 97’, and things immediately took off. From the get-go, Jill was the catalyst and glue that kept things together. She had a knack for making things look so easy and under control.

Through highs and lows, you could count on Jill to bring you a hearty dose of perspective and levity to whatever experience you were living through. She valued and cherished learning about your family, your stories, and growing with you throughout the years.

Jill was many things to many people, including a confidant, a giver, and a friend. She always put others first and danced through life with poise, wisdom, and a wicked sense of humor.

We will be holding a celebration of life for Jill in Woodinville, WA, on June 12th, 2021. Please email [email protected] if you would like more details or have any photographs you would like to share.





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  1. Dan, so sorry to hear about your loss. Jill was one of a kind. Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    Bill Jackson

  2. I was lucky enough to be associated with In Phase from their very early days. The business relationship was easy and productive largely because the good salesman (Jill’s husband Dan) was smart ‘nuf to rely on Jill to get the work done and stay outta the way. If all business endeavors were prosecuted with the “find a way” skill, competence and thoroughness Jill brought to the party, business as a whole would be wildly more successful and enjoyable for all.

    On behalf of my wife Rae Anne, my kids and I believe on behalf of all of the people at the now defunct Eclipse brand… Jill was a great human being and a distinct pleasure to work with and will I am sure be sorely missed by all. Dan we are deeply saddened and very sorry for you and your kids. You are very lucky to have had the 35 years…

    Ray Windsor

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