More Price Hikes Hit April 1

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More car stereo companies raising prices

Even more companies raised prices effective April 1 as a result of the rising costs of shipping, materials and parts.

Alpine’s R and X Series of car audio amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers saw a price increase April 1, due mainly to the higher prices in component parts that vendors are charging Alpine, said the company.

Cerwin Vega raised prices April 1 across the board except on promotional models in speakers and amplifiers.  Nakamichi raised prices March 1 “between zero and 10 percent” on its products including 2021 models.

Metra also raised prices and Jensen was said to raise prices by 6 percent on at least some models, though the company did not confirm this.

Additionally, companies are sending dealers heads up messages on price increases/changes to come soon, including Elettromedia and Omega Research.

Scosche said it is evaluating raising prices due to higher freight costs and raw materials costs. It has seen a 5 to 30 percent in the price of parts, it said.

The above follows increases we reported earlier including a price hike from Kenwood and JVC effective April 1.



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