Metra Ships New Daytona Lights Kits

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Daytona Lights

Press Release (UNEDITED): Holly Hill, FL– Daytona Lights™ by Metra Electronics® has introduced new LED lighting products in different styles and options, designed to provide affordable vehicle lighting that doesn’t compromise performance. For extra visibility at night, two new styles of cube lights and three additional LED driving lights have been designed for better illumination and lighting coverage using a low current draw that doesn’t drain the battery. Single-color LED rock lights are available in four different colors that can go inside or outside of a vehicle. Daytona Lights™ has also introduced four different RGB strip light kits that have been tailored in size, length, and quantity to fit the most commonly requested installations. These new products are in stock and shipping now.


LED Cube Lights

The DL-CL2 is a set of two 5D spot lights with an impressive output for its small size. Drivers can see farther with a highly controlled spot light beam pattern that projects light at a much greater distance than what a standalone lens or reflector design can do. The 5D spot light produces a powerful 2,520 lumens combined from both of the six LEDs on each cube.


To get the best of both worlds, the new 140-degree dual-zone cube light set, the DL-CL3, allows the driver to control the center spot light and side flood lights independently. The light output can be adjusted when and where it is needed for a highly versatile solution that can illuminate an off-road trail, wide-open area, or long dark road. This set of two cube lights produces 2,520 lumens from the 72-watts of combined lighting, with twelve LEDs per cube. The ability to control the spot and flood lights separately make this set ideal for a wide range of driving environments.


LED Driving Lights

The DL-DL1 is a set of traditionally styled driving lights with a crisp ten-degree spot beam pattern and twenty LEDs, designed to complement any primary lighting system. They mount with a lower bracket located in the center and the set of two lights produce a combined total of 2,880 lumens using 40 watts.


For off-roading, new four-inch lights are available in square (DL-DL4S) and round (DL-DL4R) options, sold as a set of two lights with nine LEDs each. These lights have been designed with a medium 60-degree flood beam pattern to illuminate the immediate area while still shining ample light down the trail. Each set produces a combined total of 3,510 lumens of light using 54 watts.


Single-Color Rock Lights

New rock lights are available in white (DL-ROCKW), green (DL-ROCKG), blue (DL-ROCKB), and red (DL-ROCKR), sold as a two-pack. The rock lights are rated IP67 with metal housing for a resilient lighting solution that can go inside or outside—withstanding the elements for use under the vehicle, inside wheel wells, engine bays, and more. It is easy to install with a two-wire connection and hardware is included with flat or curved mounting bases that work on a variety of surfaces. Each 3.6-watt rock light has three 2525 LEDs for an affordable but bright accent lighting solution that adds flair to any vehicle’s interior or exterior.


RGB Strip Lighting Kits

Four new RGB strip lighting kits are designed for wheel wells, underbody, or interior lighting in the most common installation sizes. The music controller with a key fob and card remote is included and there is an optional feature for brake light integration, which turns the LED lights red when braking. Installers can combine multiple kits in the DL-RGBK series to work with one key fob or card remote. These plug-n-play solutions are designed for the easiest possible installation with cigarette adapter or hardwire power options and no specialty tools required.

RGB LED Lighting Kit Options:

  • DL-RGBK1: Interior Kit with (4) 12-inch Strips
  • DL-RGBK2: Kit with (10) 4-inch Strips
  • DL-RGBK3: Wheel Well Kit with (4) 24-inch Strips
  • DL-RGBK4: Underbody Kit with (2) 36-inch Strips and (2) 48-inch Strips


All of these new products are in stock now. Visit for additional information.


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