New Retailer Certification for Driver Safety

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Cars on Road MECP Retailer Certification

A new MECP training module will allow retailers to receive certification in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which include blind spot systems, crash warning systems, and cameras.

The module is the work of the Vision Zero Automotive Network (founded by Brandmotion President Jeff Varick) in conjunction with MECP.  Various suppliers and retailers are also helping to fund the program through the non-profit Vision Zero organization.


Vision Zero’s website includes a dealer locator.  With the new certification program, those retailers with an employee who has completed the ADAS program will receive a certification badge on the locator, so consumers can have confidence in their ADAS expertise.

Executive Director of the Vision Zero Automotive Network, Bernie Sapienza, said the new training program is designed to help raise awareness of ADAS and to help dealers branch out into the automotive safety market. “We are all seeing that audio in new cars is becoming more and more challenging and this opportunity is sitting there to pick up a bigger chunk of the safety market.”

The ADAS training is designed as a standalone MECP module (and may eventually comprise two modules).  Any industry member can receive MECP training solely in ADAS or can add on ADAS certification to their current MECP-certification.

“The ADAS Certification Program is a critical step toward realizing the mission of the Vision Zero Automotive Network, which is to change driver behavior through technology and ultimately eliminate traffic related fatalities,” said Sapienza. “We are confident the consistency of information, product knowledge and installation training gained through a certification program will boost consumer adoption of aftermarket ADAS technology and products.”

The program is expected to kick off June 1.

MECP has tested more than 50,000 installation technicians over the years.  MECP was recently purchased from the Consumer Technology Association by the Certification Systems Technology Company (CTSC), led by industry veteran Kris Bulla.

Vision Zero Automotive Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to making driving safer.  “Not in ten years. Not next year. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Today, right this minute, the aftermarket consumer electronics industry have the products and the technology that can help drivers avoid deadly accidents. Our mission is to get those products into cars and trucks that already exist, now. And once we do, we can help avoid 10,000 deaths on U.S. roads.”


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  1. I am reminded of the ’90s when video entertainment was getting its start in cars. Surveys of consumers suggested that the consumer thought in car video entertainment was available only with new cars at the new car dealership. That notwithstanding the fact that there were between 4,000 ~ 8,000 installing specialty retailer store fronts in the US stocking in car video entertainment. Now I perceive there a lot fewer of those store fronts. Creating demand at the consumer level for ADAS in their 4 year old car is important. A VZAN “you-tube” channel and/or similar social media along with a few well placed segments in the main stream news might be a pathway to the consumer…

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