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Frank's Pioneer install

Here is an install performed by Frank’s High Fidelity of Waterbury, CT on a 2013 Maserati GranTurismo. It was recommended to us by distributor Sylvester Electronics of Rhode Island.

It included a Pioneer 9-inch floating radio using a hidden cage for the radio chassis so it can be easily pulled out to add to the system in the future.  This required completely ripping out the dashboard.

Additionally, custom LED El wire was installed, outlining the rear seats, the front passenger seat, the driver seat, the front dash and the center console and around the shifter.

Some lighting was also added outside the car on the grille.

A separate screen was placed below the radio using a $1,000 AuCAR converter kit so the HVAC controls were converted from push-button to touchscreen.

The cage for the radio was installed so that the customer can add an amplifier and subwoofer later on.  The customer wanted to be able to gain access to it without pulling apart the car.

Frank Carinha, owner of Frank’s High Fidelity said,  “I developed a cage behind the radio to lock the radio, but now the radio can slide out with two keys. If I need to change anything or add to it, its now much easier, without disassembling the car.”

The install took about a week. Labor was about $3,700 and parts totaled about $1,500.


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  1. Looks awesome Frank! Did u have to relocate the OEM radio/screen to keep the odometer from flashing? How did u retain the steering wheel audio controls?

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