Tesla Adds ‘Boom Box’ Feature

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Tesla Model 3 Boombox mode

Tesla announced an update that creates a Boombox mode in the car’s outside speaker, as well as other infotainment/convenience changes.

Those who have a recent Tesla with a pedestrian speaker system (such as newer Model 3 vehicles) can now use it to pump music at a party or to please a crowd, by uploading music via a USB drive, reports electrek. Users can also now customize the sounds played to warn off pedestrians or when blaring the horn or in Summon mode.

Tesla implemented the pedestrian warning system last year through a speaker mounted in the front.  An audible pedestrian warning is required by law in electric and hybrid vehicles when a car is moving up to 19 mph in either forward or reverse. Apparently, Tesla decided to put the new speaker to good use beyond pedestrian warning.

For those who don’t have the newer Teslas, CEO Elon Musk tweeted that ‘more stuff is coming.’

Also in a new software update, Tesla now lets users “precondition” the cabin to a preset temperature even when the car is not plugged in for charging.

And there are improvements to Tesla Driving Visualization mode.  Users can see more details in road surrounding and the next turn will now appear so that is not covered by another app.

Source: eletrek, Car and Driver



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  1. So what you are sayin is that there is an Engineer at Tesla that drives a bubble chevy w/ PA horns under it.

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