DD Audio Intros New M Series Amplifiers

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DD Audio M Series

Press Release (UNEDITED): Oklahoma City, OK — DD Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to introduce the latest revisions of the M Series amplifiers. The M3d and M5a push the design limits of the traditional M Series circuit as far as it can go. The main revision goals were to increase peak performance stability, compatibilities, and offer a range of new features.


Internally the M3d and M5a power supplies were optimized to better support the immense internal power demands when listeners push their system to the edge of its capability. The power supply revisions include remapping power and ground traces for better internal current flow, power supply transformer reconfiguration for optimal power output support, and improved protection circuits. In conjunction with the internal power supply upgrades, additional power and ground terminals were added for better current flow from the vehicle’s charging system.


Externally the Main/Strap switch and In/Out RCA connections have been replaced with a ZVL input. The ZVL input allows the M3d and M5a to be run in multi-amp configurations via an external ZVL module that controls and perfectly syncs the amplifier’s preamps. By moving the strapping/linking functions external, multi-amp systems will be easier to set up and control. Also, by eliminating the Main/Strap switch the potential for switch failure or user error has been eliminated.


The chassis also received some minor updates. The chassis height was slightly raised so the bottom ventilation plate stays above the mounting surface, allowing for better airflow to cool vital internal components. For those who like to aesthetically take their install to the next level, the center channel on the top of the amplifiers was redesigned for mounting an optional vanity plate. The optional acrylic vanity plate will feature a unique limited edition engraving and will be available in Black and Clear (LED ready) versions.


Notable Features in the M3d and M5a Include:

  • Optimized High Current Power Supply
  • ZVL Linking Module Input
  • 24dB/Oct Bandpass Filters
  • Custom Vanity Plate Ready
  • Remote w/ LCD Voltage Display and Clipping Indicator
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