Brandmotion Intros Jeep-Specific, Fleet Mirrors

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Brandmotion FullVUE mirror for Jeep

Brandmotion is expanding its FullVUE (“Cadillac-style”) streaming rear view mirror into a line of vehicle-specific models; the first of which fit Jeep Wrangler JL and JK vehicles. Additionally, Brandmotion is offering a mirror for larger fleet vehicles such as Ford Transit Vans.

The mirrors are an extension of the FullVUE FVMR-1000 introduced a year ago that displays a video stream behind the car. It eliminates obstructed rear views due to the car’s headrests or passengers or packages in the rear seat.  The driver can flip a switch between a standard mirror view and a video stream from a rear camera.  The universal mirror also has a front-facing camera and DVR functions.

Brandmotion said the mirror has become one of its top-selling products and has a growing audience in fleet managers who want to improve the safety of their drivers.

The new FullVUE for the Jeep JL offers a plug and play mounting system. It comes with a specialized mounting bracket to install behind the spare tire and a unique mirror stem for the mirror. It is joined by a similar version specific to the Jeep Wranger JK.  Both began shipping in October at $499.95.

“The Jeep Wrangler JL is a highly upfitted vehicle with an already compromised rear visibility.  As a large vehicle with a spare tire hanging off the back, it further restricts the view out of a traditional mirror. Our Jeep FullVUE camera/mirror system eliminates that obstruction by adding a camera on the back of the vehicle that live-streams to the mirror so you don’t see headrests or a spare tire. You see a 170-degree panoramic view out the window that significantly reduces blind spots,” said Brandmotion President Lucas Frank.

A third new mirror is aimed at fleet vehicles. It’s designed for longer vehicles with a 50 percent longer harness and a heavy-duty camera housing .

Brandmotion is also expanding its camera line with a Sport Utility Vision System with a high definition camera.  It comes in single or dual camera packages for use as a standalone rear camera or a combination rear and front camera with 1080p DVR for recording on the trail. The 2-camera SUTV-2020 system has a 7” high-definition monitor with dual-channel DVR.  They will ship in January at pricing to be announced.

“A half million new UTVs are produced every year and this is a consumer that spends money upfitting their vehicle,” said Frank.



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