Kenwood, JVC 10-Inch Radios Due Next Week With Surprise Feature

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Kenwood 10 Inch car radio

KENWOOD and JVC expect to ship their highly anticipated 10.1-inch floating screen radios next week with a surprise new feature.

The radios mark the first time KENWOOD and JVC will offer large screen radios, already popular from Alpine, Pioneer and Sony.

They are also the only radios with a new iDatalink Maestro RR2 interface feature that lets you add a widget on the radio to retain an on-screen display of front and rear collision avoidance, as well as lane departure warnings.  They also allow customizable accessory controls.

JVCKENWOOD’s Seth Halstead said pre-order sales for the radios have been “amazing.” Part of the reason for the demand is that new cars are shipping with increasingly larger screens, and consumers have come to expect screens of 10 inches if not larger.

The new models include two KENWOOD eXcelon Reference versions and one standard KENWOOD model plus a JVC model.  All offer wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Wireless as well as wireless Android mirroring.  They have HDMI inputs, and are SiriusXM ready.  Additionally, the receivers have built-in HD Radio.  The JVC and eXcelon Reference models also offer a Parametric EQ, 2-way crossover, and LDAC wireless Hi-Res Audio for Android phones. The latter delivers true Hi-Res Audio over a Bluetooth connection.

Each receiver has a high definition 720p capacitive touch panel and a bonded optical display–a new feature for the industry “to the best of our knowledge,” said JVCKENWOOD. All also have four camera inputs.

The new 10.1-inch models are as follows:

JVC  KW-Z1000W 10.1” Floating Panel Digital Multimedia Receiver   MAP $1,199.95

KENWOOD eXcelon Reference DNR1007XR 10.1” Floating Panel Digital Multimedia Receiver with Garmin Navigation   MAP  $1,599.95

KENWOOD eXcelon Reference DMX1057XR 10.1” Floating Panel Digital Multimedia Receiver   MAP  $1,199.95

KENWOOD DMX1037S 10.1” Floating Panel Digital Multimedia Receiver   MAP  $1,199.95

The KENWOOD eXcelon Reference models include Garmin navigation (in the DNR1007XR only) and offer audiophile grade components specific to the Reference series.  They also include an anti-resonance X chassis design.

All KENWOOD models offer Front and Rear Hi-Definition camera compatibility with an optional CMOS-740HD 720P camera.  They are also compatible with the KENWOOD DRV-N520 Integrated Dash Camera.

The JVC model offers gesture touch control, live wallpaper, user customizable keys, and K2 sound technology.


Photo: KENWOOD eXcelon Reference DNR1007XR





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    1. I’m sure Linkswell does offer it already, but let’s be honest with each other here, Kenwood and IDatalink will undoubtedly do it better and more reliably.

  1. Does it have fiber optic out to feed high performance external DSPs and/or amplifiers with integrated DSPs to take full advantage of the audiophile grade components?

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