Android Auto Glitches Reported After Android 11 Downloads

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Wireless Android Auto problems Android 11

Users who recently updated to Android 11 are reporting problems with Android Auto Wireless including glitches in music streaming.

Users on Reddit complain of music intermittently cutting out, Waze not working, and calls not coming in through the car radio.  There are also problems with notification sounds and the Calendar app, reported Android Police.

One Reddit user wrote:

… It starts out fine. Then about five minutes into my drive the audio stops and it’s silent. Then about a minute later the music starts playing through the phone while AA is still displayed on the car screen. If I go into the cars bluetooth settings, the option Calls Only is checked instead of Calls and Audio. I can’t change it until I unplug the Pixel 4a. Then I can change it back to Calls and Audio. But a few minutes later it switches itself back to Calls only and the process is repeated. 2018 Mazda 6 Signature and Pixel 4a.

Some users suspect Android 11 causes Android Auto to lose the Bluetooth connection. Android Police said a possible fix is “turning off Bluetooth device scanning in the phone’s settings.”

Android 11 is a significant update for Android Auto as it allows any Android phone running the new OS to connect wirelessly to cars with compatible radios. Until now, only Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones were able to do so.

Automakers such as Ford, BMW and Hyundai are starting to support Android Auto Wireless in 2020 model year vehicles. In the aftermarket, Kenwood, Pioneer and JVC support the feature.

Source: Android Police

Photo: BMW via Car and Driver

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