Long Range Weather Forecast for Remote Start Season

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As remote start sales are dependent on the weather, we pay close attention to the long-range forecasts for the winter, which usually issue around this time of year.

While weather forecasts are calling for a mild winter in most of the US,  the coldest period of the winter will fall around mid to late December and parts of January in many regions. An early cold snap usually compels consumers to go out and purchase that remote start they’ve been considering, since there’s a long winter ahead.

Both the Farmer’s Almanac, which claims 80 percent accuracy based on past results, and NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, are calling for a warmer winter overall with cold spells in part of December.

As to snowfall, the Farmer’s Almanac says the snowiest periods of the winter will also fall around mid-December and early January.

NOAA is predicting more snow than normal in Montana, Wyoming and the Great Lakes region, plus Northern Colorado.

It predicts average snowfall  in most of Colorado, Utah, California, Nevada, Idaho and the Pacific Northwest.

Source: Unofficial Networks (partner of USA Today), The Farmer’s Almanac (purchase required)

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