VOXX Buys Directed

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VOXX International

VOXX International has purchased Directed for an undisclosed sum.

VOXX has purchased virtually all the assets of Directed, the leading US remote start company, except for its Alcohol Detection Systems business that has been sold to Intoxalock, industry members said.

Directed went into the pandemic with about 260 employees and furloughed at least 40 percent of its workforce in March.  Many of those received termination letters on Tuesday.  Some of those employees were told Friday they would be working for VOXX.

VOXX and Directed were not available for comment but a formal announcement is expected shortly.

The deal puts VOXX, formerly, the number 3 player in remote start as the leader with as much as 70 percent market share by some estimates.

Last week, many industry members received a notice that Directed halted all shipments as of today through July 7 for an “inventory transition.” It said orders would resume on July 8.


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  1. ever hear the expression 2 wrong don’t make a right, sorry not a dei fan or audiovox/code alarm fan. Moved on to compustar years ago and have almost 0 problems

  2. I smell code alarms making a come back 👍 well done VOXX and hopefully good things will come in the future

  3. the idiots saying the remote start business is a dying industry dont have a clue. i stay as busy today as i did 30 years ago.

  4. Congratulations VOXX! I would rather buy from a strong company then a weak one! Can’t wait for the new innovation coming!

  5. Good move for Voxx. Directed had been a long time competitor who stole patents from Voxx intel. Now they no longer can achieve the theft like in the past. I like Voxx products, they make cost effective quality products for the 99% like me.

  6. sounds like there are some people in this comment section need to get out of this “dying industry”. As John said, we are so busy we are having to turn some jobs away.

  7. I doubt remote start is a has been industry
    Right now I have 4 customers asking me to install them
    And I’m not a retail store. I did however install for 17plus years and DEI was the products we sold.
    DEI is a broad statement as Dericted sold more then just auto alarms and remote start systems.
    You have Polk audio and other brands in that chain.
    What DEI products? That’s a broad statement to say DEI. Viper, Autostart,Python, I mean the list is long.
    Saying DEI dosnt give a full scope. Darrell Isia is counting his money now.

  8. Dying Market? Ya right. I’m as busy now as i was in the 90’s. I’m so sick of hearing this statement. It’s 100% not true.

  9. Sad day(s) for a number of long time DEI employees who weren’t offered a position with VOXX. Where are the anti-trust laws? 70% of any market is way too high for one company.

  10. Good move for Directed. Got out of this dying industry before the fat lady sings.

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