Car Audio Stores Looted This Week

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Sound Chamber, Columbus OH burnt looting

Alongside the many peaceful protests this week following the killing of George Floyd, there were rioters and looters, and unfortunately car audio was a target for some.

Sound Chamber of Columbus, OH was burnt to the ground, Sparky’s Autosound & Electronics of Rochester, NY was looted of nearly all merchandise and has closed for good. Absolute USA in Los Angeles, which sells car audio and DJ equipment, was robbed for a full two hours. Boston Electronic of Jamaica Plain near Boston was looted.

Several Car Toys locations were vandalized, said the chain.  Precision Sound, Dedham, MA had its windows smashed. There are reports of other vandalism attacks on car audio shops in Philadelphia and other cities.

Greg Fisher has owned  Sound Chamber in Ohio for 22 years.  He got a call at 4 am from the police one night this week saying that his store was burning down. Other businesses on the street were attacked but Fisher said his shop “got the worst of it.” Some other 12 volt shops in the area including Columbus Car Audio stepped up to hire his employees until the business is up and running again.  But Fisher is still working.  When we called, he was outside working on a car install.  “I still have customers,” he said. A GoFundMe campaign has been set up here.


Absolute USA looting
Absolute USA was burglarized on Monday night during riots.

Sparky’s Autosound in Rochester was looted along with dozens of other stores in that city.  After 41 years, the shop will not be re-opening.

“They destroyed the inside of the store. All displays, all the radios, the amps, the remote start, alarms, speakers. The only things left were installation kits and the cheap harnesses,” said Owner Rich Ardilio.

“It was a CB shop. I took it over and made it what it was,” said Ardilio.  “It was CBs and radar detectors and stereos. I used to work for a distributor, so I had contacts with distributors and I knew the business and what was selling.  Forty-one years later, here I am. I had a good run with it.  It’s time to retire I think,” he said.

Ardilio has insurance and has filed a claim, he said. He had one other employee.

Boston Electronic near Boston was looted on Tuesday night. Two people stole about $10,000 in merchandise such as alarms, car radios, amplifiers, “chuchero boxes” and more.  Owner Bascual Encarnacio has made the store a fixture in the area since the ’80s.  When we called he was back at work, changing the locks and calling ADT to set up an alarm system. Encarnacio did not have insurance. A GoFundMe campaign to help him can be found here.

Absolute USA in Los Angeles owned by Mike and Sasha Razipour was burglarized Monday night.  Thieves drove up in cars and a van, and broke in the door. The alarm went off and the police were notified but the police were too busy handling looting elsewhere.  The burglars “had over two and half hours to come and go,” said Sasha Razipour.  She estimates that between $500,000 and $650,000 in merchandise was stolen.   The Razipours are insured.

“I’m grateful to God that my family and my employees who are also my family were not hurt and they didn’t come in and shoot us.  It could have been a lot worse.  Financially, we’ll figure something out some way.  But emotionally, I will never come into this store alone again,” she said.

Top photo: Sound Chamber of Columbus, Ohio

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  1. I have read CE Outlook for years, but have never commented. Today, I felt compelled. After reading the drivel from the CEO of Best Buy yesterday about fires going out and damage being repaired, I wondered if she would have felt differently if they had looted and burned down all of the Best Buy locations, or maybe her own home. No fair minded person thinks that what happened to George Floyd is excusable. But there is a remedy, and it’s already in motion. All officers involved have been arrested and have been charged with murder. Period. That’s called law and order. Please stop with all of the virtue signalling.
    Now, today, I read about individual 12 volt shop owners who have had their stores ransacked or destroyed, some of which will never come back. And, or course, the devastation isn’t limited to our industry. What a tragedy to have a career (or life) ended by these savages. And they wonder why there are fewer and fewer jobs in certain communities. They don’t need to wonder. They just burned them. What intelligent entrepreneur would build a business there again?
    Protesters have the first amendment right to PEACEABLY assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances. No one is denying this. When you loot, riot, and destroy property, you lose the goodwill of most intelligent folks. Evil triumphs when good people do nothing.
    We have had to stand vigil over our shops to ensure that we had no loss. The protesters have come within 5 feet of our front door. We watched as the police, in a show of solidarity, knelt down with the protesters. Four hours later, we watched as the protesters pelted these same police with bricks, rocks and bottles. They want to defund the police that protected them from getting run over as they blocked the 101 freeway. Hypocrisy on display. Idiots. Encouraging these protests won’t solve anything.
    Fortunately, even in liberal California, we still have the 2nd Amendment right to defend our lives and property from those that would do us harm. Hopefully we won’t have to exercise it.

  2. George Floyd would be saddened by all of this looting. Peaceful protest are a right for all Americans – rioting & looting are never acceptable. Sad days in America.

  3. Good luck getting insurance. They will find a way to weasel out of it like with business interruption insurance!!!

  4. Dedham, MA is in the suburbs and there was no protesting in the area. Sounds more like a disgruntled customer taking advantage of the times.

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