New, Youthful 12V Rep Firm Opens

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Max Fahlmark replaces father head of Midwest Sales

A new rep firm led by Gen Z’er, Max Fahlmark, has opened in Chicagoland called Fahlmarketing & Associates.  Part of its aim is to help bring more young people into the car audio market and help dealers and suppliers to reach the younger audience.

Fahlmark comes by his love of car audio and music naturally as he is the son of Steve Fahlmark, President at Midwest Sales Group in Chicagoland.

The younger Fahlmark, age 21, has been calling on dealers with his dad since he was 14, as well as attending sound off contests and car shows. He’s also a studio drummer and has studied sales and marketing at college.

“I plan to try to expand on the name my dad has helped build and help bring car audio to the new generation of consumers,” said Max.

Fahlmarketing’s first car audio supplier partner is Aunex, a new  amp and speaker brand led by Steven Bach, former VP at PowerBass.  Like Fahlmarketing, Aunex is also targeting the “next generation” in car audio. 

Fahlmark will also represent Pro Audio brands, the first of which is stageClix, distributed by Atrend. StageClix supplies digital wireless transmitters/receivers for guitar and bass.

The company plans to act as a consultant to dealers on search engine optimization in reaching Gen Z on Instagram and Facebook.

“I go to these shows and everyone is 35- or 40-plus. A lot of people my age don’t know about the industry.  They just get a car and stay with the stereo that’s in it. They don’t know about all these dealers installing and all these speaker lines,” he said.

“I want to bring the young influencers of Gen Z into the industry that’s mostly controlled by baby boomers, and give [dealers] the fresh perspective to target people my age,” he added.

Fahlmarketing can be reached at [email protected] or on Facebook at @fahlmarketing.  A website will be available soon.


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  1. Congratulations Max! We wish you long term success! It is great to read of young entrepreneurial spirit!

  2. Max is an outstanding man and a perfect fit for our industry. We are looking forward to working with you and your firm for many years to come. Keep up the great work!

  3. This is certainly a step in the right direction for this industry. We need more 16-30yr olds interested in 12 volt. I wish you nothing but the best, Max!

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