Firstech Debuts Drone KeyLocker

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Firstech, maker of DroneMobile and Compustar, announced its new Drone KL1 KeyLocker, scheduled to ship in Summer 2020.

The small key “safe” with a 4G-protected alarm system lets users store their key in the car, and then use their smartphone to gain entry.

Drivers can also share their car with family, friends and employees.  The system also offers  telematics features.

“People are still carrying around bulky car keys that are difficult to share with other drivers and expensive to replace in the event of loss, damage, or theft,” said Firstech.

KeyLocker fits into most vehicle compartments (it’s about as long and wide as an iPhone Plus and 3.5 inches high).  It has a sliding door mechanism for storing any type of vehicle key.

Drone KeyLocker

It has built in sensors (onboard and offboard) to protect the key and it automatically sends an alert to your smartphone if it senses tampering.

The system works with the DroneMobile remote-start-from-a-phone app.

Drivers can send an unlimited number of invitations to family members or others to share the car.  Then the user can unlock the doors via the DroneMobile app on their phone.

Owners of push to start vehicles don’t have to remove the key from the locker to drive.

Drone KeyLocker also includes a 5-digit passcode touchpad, called the “KP1”, that is mounted to the windshield as backup in the event of poor cellular coverage or a dead smartphone battery.

The device can be can be added to a Compustar remote start/security system.

Drone KeyLocker must be installed with one of Firstech’s Drone LTE devices to enable cellular connectivity.

It will carry a suggested retail price of $159.99 and can be pre-ordered now.  For more information visit or email [email protected]



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  1. Great idea, guys! What an innovative, unique idea. Props to the folks at Compustar for keeping with the times and coming out with something almost every owner of a newer PTS vehicle would like to have. Well done.

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