Info on Shops Exempt From Shutting

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auto repair exempt COVID-19

As more states issue “shelter in place” orders that mandate that non-essential businesses close temporarily, there are questions about what defines an essential business.

As of now we have found the following:

12 Volt shops that engage in automotive repair may be exempt from closing under many state regulations and national Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) guidelines.

Additionally, many industry members are trying to determine if shops providing alcohol ignition interlock services will also be exempt.  We have calls into several interlock providers and will update you, when we know more.  Feel free to post a comment below if you have more information on this.

CISA provides guidelines on business to federal and state agencies.  Its March 19 designation for essential businesses included auto repair as an essential business.  You can see its guidelines here.

Guidelines for California designate “Auto repair and maintenance facilities” as an essential business exempt from closing. The full list can be found here:

The same is true of other states includine New York State as listed here:  and Illinois here:

Other general resources non-related to business exemptions, that may be helpful at this time provided by SEMA:

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  1. Why put the health of you and your employees at risk is not worth it. Yes a business needs to survive but a what cost? all the money in the world is not going to buy your health or the life of some one you love. Yes the economy is going to slow and there will be hard times but if you do good work and work hard it will be ok. The big guys are worry that they are not going to make as much as expected but there will still be profit and is ok. Take this time to clean your shop, catch up on paper work, do inventory. Built that display that you where thinking on buying and save a lot money by building it your self.

    1. I agree completely. The whole idea is to keep people at home. I get that we all want to make money but it’s just not worth the risk to your crew or the community. We all know that some kids will be in to buy that $15 wire harness, but is that worth it?
      Like was said above. Clean the shop, build the display, refresh the system in the demo car or the employee cars.
      The customers (that you want) will be back because they know your work. All of mine that I cancelled said to just call them when we are back. They were completely understanding.

  2. Amy, I spoke with the folks at Intoxalock earlier this week. They are working state by state to allow recalibrations to be extended to a specific date, e.g. June 30

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