The Unusual Approach of BLAM Speakers

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The three-year-old BLAM Audio brand is releasing this week new “Live” speakers that come in different models for different types of music.  One speaker system is optimized for acoustic music and another for rock and roll.

The acoustic line claims to have more emotion and “closer” sound while the power “rock” speaker is more lively with more bass and power handling.

“Typically if you look at how speakers are presented, it’s this one has a hard dome tweeter and fiberglass cone at 200 watts for $800 and this one has a soft dome tweeter and a black cone at $500 and then you listen to it.  Guy designed the speakers and is marketing them as having different sound characteristics,” said Jason Digos VP Sales of MSC which distributes BLAM in the US.

Under the Acoustic line is the L165A 2-way component system with two 6.5 inch woofers, two 1-inch soft dome tweeters. It uses cast aluminum baskets with 70 watt nominal and 140 watt maximum power handling.  The system includes two low pass 12 dB/octave BFW02 crossovers and two high pass 12 dB/octave BFT02 crossovers for bi-amplificiation.

The L165P Power model for “rock or techno” includes similar components but it has a slightly longer voice coil and slightly larger Kapton former.  Also power handling is rated higher at 90 watt nominal and 180 watt maximum.

The speakers just started shipping at prices from $400 to $700.

BLAM currently sells through just under 200 dealers in the US.

It is also introducing a new Express line of more affordable speakers with paper cones and 2 ohm efficiency.   They come with stamped baskets instead of the more expensive cast baskets with simpler crossovers. They start at $150/pair for components and $125/pair for coaxial speakers.



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  1. I would only like to mention, that the BLAM founder Guy Bonneville was for about 2 decades responsible for the car audio division of Focal, since their beginning.

  2. Wow. How rubbish is this ! A GOOD speaker plays all genres !

    This is a clear sign of how very little knowledge of acoustics a manufacturer must have to create such things.

    BLAM? More like SCAM !

  3. That’s weird. Recording studio’s don’t change the calibration of their mastering system to suit the music being recorded. Might be time to hire a speaker engineer instead of a marketing guy. Shame to offer such a disservice to car audio lovers.

  4. What happens if I like both rock and country? Quick swap out the speakers.
    Also, there’s no such thing as “2 ohm efficiency”

    1. When I was retailing my “ opposition” used to spout this rubbish “ if you listen to ( insert genre) these are the best speakers…” I had a huge conversion off them with “ I bet youve been told if you listen to ( insert genre) a particular speaker is the best for ( insert genre) actually a good speaker isn’t one that plays rock, pop, classical, it works best with ALL music” and BLAM ! Converted customer.

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