Brazilian Integration Co. Makes US Debut

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ZZ-2 CarPlay for high end cars

A 10-year old Brazilian car audio integration company ZZDois is making its US debut as ZZ-2, offering integration devices for high end cars.

Rich DeSclafani (formerly with CRUX and prior to that, NAV-TV) will serve as Vice President of ZZ-2.

ZZ-2 is offering wireless CarPlay/wired Android Auto, camera and other interfaces for vehicles such as Cadillac, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lexus and Bentley.

CarPlay is its main solution. “We have 30 different interfaces that provide CarPlay, all are wireless CarPlay, wired Android Auto and front and rear camera inputs that mirror your smartphone,” said DeSclafani.  ZZ-2 also offers other front camera solutions, rear cameras and video interfaces with HDMI inputs.  It provides car specific products including wireless phone chargers that fit into OEM locations in the vehicle.

Wireless chargers are also packaged with wireless CarPlay.  “It’s a nice package we offer because if you have to plug-in to charge the phone it kind of defeats the whole purpose of wireless CarPlay.  We’re trying to focus on making it completely a wireless experience,” said DeSclafani.

Luis Guilherme Rocha, who co-owns the parent ZZDois in Brazil, is also now co-owner of ZZ-2 in the US.  He said, “We have a successful history in South America and Europe, and we are proud to bring our model of business to America. I believe this will be a great addition to the market, especially for the audio shops and dealerships spread all over the country.”

The line is currently sold direct to dealers but ZZ-2 is open to talking with distributors.

DeSclafani said, “Our goal is to provide a product that people can trust so they can be completely satisfied with their daily driven vehicle. I am very excited to be part of this new project. The company has phenomenal potential and a large variety of OEM integration interfaces.”

For more information visit or contact 929-220-1212 or [email protected]


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  1. Why would anyone need another supplier of shady Chinese modules on US market from Brazil ?!
    CRUX and Nav-TV already resell the same modules here from Cartizan, Lsailt, NV Connect and Azton. Same trend with this company.
    I guess Rich DeSclafani is pushing the same tactics through his career to the companies he works for.

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