Harman Returns to DSP Market

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JBL DSP/amp for cars

Following its ground-breaking MS-8 digital signal processor/amplifier, off the market for six or seven years now, Harman is returning to the DSP market with a DSP/amplifier under the JBL brand.  “We had the MS-8, it was early for its time,” said Harman’s Jeff Fay.

The new JBL DSP4086AM is positioned in the lower end of the price scale at $399 MAP.  It will offer 6-channel inputs, 8 channel x 40 watts output with a simple PC interface.  It can act as a line driver to any amplifier.   You can add aftermarket amplifiers or line drive it into a subwoofer amplifier, said Harman.

The new DSP4086AM is due to ship in June.


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    1. Maybe it will include an owner’s manual and be sold through dealers who are inclined to read the manual. Maybe they’ll also soon announce the hiring of 10 regional and global, highly qualified technical trainers who will go out and provide the full benefit of Harman’s leadership in acoustics, transducer and system design. Maybe it will include software so sophisticated that all the installer will have to do is simply remove the product from the packaging and place it on the floor of the trunk and the unit will install and tune itself and the dealer can collect $1000.

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