AAMP Launches MECP Tech Hotline

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AAMP Global

AAMP Global has launched what it calls the industry’s first MECP Certified Technician hotline.

The hotline is designed to reward MECP Certified Techs with quick technical assistance and to serve as an incentive for more installers to seek out MECP certification.

As MECP certified techs are skilled in basic trouble shooting, AAMP’s support staff need not go over basics with them, thereby entitling them to expedited assistance.   “AAMP recognizes that techs who are MECP certified have developed a certain level of professional troubleshooting skills, and employ these skills when installations get tricky,” said the company.

MECP hotline callers will be asked to provide their CEA Certificate number (shown on their MECP certificate). Once cleared, they will receive technical assistance from one of two MECP Master Certified tech support representatives, one of which is an Honorary Master, the highest level of certification one can achieve in the MECP program.

AAMP’s Technical Services Manager, Ernie Hartman says: “We recognize the value of time in today’s busy world. AAMP is very excited to provide a technical support path for MECP certified technicians that allows them to ‘bypass the line’ so to speak, avoid all the simple questions, and get right to the matter at hand.”

The support line will allow text messages as well as phone communication. MECP certified techs can call or text their issues to 727-263-1617.

The line goes live this week.

The MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional)  program is the only nationally recognized credential that certifies car audio installers and sales people on automotive information technology, entertainment, navigation, safety and security systems.

The program has tested more than 50,000 installers.  MECP is owned and operated by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).


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  1. Wow. In 18 years of MECP, this is the first “benefit” I’ve ever seen from the program, if it can be called that. How about the CTA work towards some agreements with manufacturers, like doubling or adding an additional year to their warranty, if installed by MECP installers/shops?

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