New Aftermarket Radar Detector Gets AI

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Radenso Radar names Santa Fe Distributor

Radenso Radar announced what it calls, “the world’s first and only radar detector that uses artificial intelligence.”

The new Theia radar detector has been newly engineered with an investment of millions of dollars, to add new processing power and protection from false alerts.  It is also the longest range detector, said Radenso.

“Every radar detector today has the same processing power of a Fitbit.  We’re introducing a whole new platform engineered out of Cincinnati,” said Radenso’s Chief Sales Officer.

The new Theia radar detector uses a quad core 1.5 GHz processor that runs on Linux with an accuracy of 99 percent or better.   Most other detectors run up to 400MHz, said Lane.

Radenso uses artificial intelligence (AI) to guard against false alerts produced by blind spot and other safety systems in other cars.  Lane said this type of false alert is completely eliminated.

The Theia will launch next year.

“Theia is the first detector in the world to completely eliminate false alerts from vehicle safety systems such as blind spot monitors and radar cruise control.  Theia also delivers desirable features such as directional arrows, a premium metal case, WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity, and another world first: the ability to specifically identify police radar guns by name,” said Radenso.

Radenso President and CEO Jonathan Dandrow said that the company has established a new microwave R&D lab in Cincinnati, which “demonstrates the lengths we are willing to go to create the best products and innovate in the field we are deeply passionate about.”

Another benefit of using artificial intelligence is rapid updates.  If a new “false positive” radar emitter is found, the AI can be “trained” to filter it out in less than one hour.  “This speed of updates is revolutionary,” Radenso said.  “Currently humans must try to filter false alerts with complicated mathematical algorithms that take months or years to develop.  Dandrow points out that this is a bonus for installing dealers, who no longer will have to worry if a car’s safety systems will interfere with the customer’s new radar detector.



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