New Kind of Keyless Entry

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VAIS Seer automatic keyless entry

 VAIS Technology will ship in Q1 2020, a new smart entry for the car.

The product line combines automated door locking at driver’s departure, automated unlocking when driver is approaching,  hands free liftgate opening, illuminated entry, and 4 auxiliary  inputs and outputs that are  customizable to trigger any electronic accessory in the vehicle – all based on driver proximity.

Called SEER–Smart Entry Exit Recognition– the product includes a small 1-inch tag for your keychain.   Then you no longer need to touch the car handles to lock or unlock the car. It will be on display at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas next week.


VAIS Technology uses Low Frequency Communication (also used by the OEMs for keyfobs) and RF communication to determine the driver’s proximity to the vehicle and to authenticate the user. Proprietary software analyzes the driver’s behavior around the car. Communication to the vehicle is done over CAN bus to execute factory door locking, unlocking; and to turn headlights, dome, puddle, and sentry lights ON or OFF. SEER recognizes a pre-programmed pattern by the power liftgate to activate factory opening or closing without pressing any buttons.

Installation includes placing RF antennas and a sensor behind the front and rear bumpers, then connecting it to the VAIS ECU module placed behind a trim panel.

VAIS introduces SEER automated keyless entry

In addition to pre-programmed functions, SEER has 4 AUX inputs and outputs to allow electronic accessories customization based on driver proximity. Popular features include motorized steps, sliding side door, and electronically locking glove box and compartments.

SEER can work on new vehicles as well as vehicles dating back decades with installed electronic accessories.

The product is provided in several versions including a universal option that offers basic door lock/unlock and lights off.  Then a Toyota version offers full control including liftgate operation to be followed by other full featured car-specific models over time starting with Chevrolet.

“SEER is an automotive grade device designed by our in-house engineering team and manufactured at an automotive certified facility. We plan to ship the product Q1 of 2020 starting at $319.99 for a version without Hands Free Liftgate option and at $449.99 with Hands Free Liftgate option,” said Dennis Hopper, EVP at VAIS Technology.

He noted that leading automotive suppliers such as Bosch and Continental are demonstrating keyless entry via a smartphone. “We think it’s the wave of the future based on the fact that more car manufacturers are looking into making cars more hands free.”

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