Pioneer’s Latest Radio in Japan

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Pioneer takes music and converts it to Hi-Res Audio

Pioneer’s latest “Cyber Navi” in-dash car radio with navigation is due in Japan in November offering the ability to serve as a WiFi hotspot.  It also includes a new technology that converts standard audio to the equivalent of Hi-Resolution Audio, it said.

The new Cyber Navi series includes original technology called  “Master Sound Revive.” It can upgrade CD and compressed sound sources, as well as video sources such as network videos and DVDs to the equivalent of high-resolution sound sources.

The new Cyber Navi radios allow high speed streaming from YouTube and other sources over WiFi.  Blu-ray content from a home recorder can be played on the car radio through an app connection.  The app pairs to a Blu-ray device at home and then to the Cyber Navi to allow playback of pre-recorded video on the car audio screen.

In navigation, the radio allows automatic map updates.

Through its WiFi hotspot, passengers get an Internet connection for their tablets, laptops and other devices.

Part of Pioneer’s Carrozzeria Cyber Navi series, the radios are under the 910 series (AVIC-CQ910 / CL910 / CW910 / CZ910), and recently won a “Good Design Award” in Japan.

(WiFi is provided by Japanese carrier DOCOMO).

Pioneer USA would not respond to our request for verification nor questions on bringing the technology to the US market.

Source: jpn.Pioneer

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  1. Pioneer (JP) car audio gear is at least 5 years ahead of the American counterpart; a high-end single DIN that came out in 2012 was just released in America this year….and the 1000 dollar single DIN from 2009 probably won’t be here until even later.

  2. You can’t turn “standard audio” into Hi-Res, all this will be will be set algorithms to artificially extend freq range and maybe add in some calculated harmonics (something Alpine have been doing for the better part of over a decade already – Mediaxpander). Nothing new and certainly will not make a silk purse out of a sows ear like it will claim.It looks more like an excuse for not being Hi-Res certified. Just just check the colours used in their MSR logo ! says it all really….

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