Hybrid & Zapco Competitors Win Top Placements at Car Audio Championships

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Team Zapco Finals INAC 2019

Press Release (Unedited) ATLANTA – Concluding a fantastic season at this year’s Car Audio Championship in Louisville, KY, Aurigin, Inc. wishes to extend its gratitude and congratulations to the competitors having Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco-equipped vehicles, earning 66 Top-Five placements and 18 Championships in the 2019 Car Audio Championship and 2020 Season Premier events, in addition to both the MECA ‘Gates Cup,’ and  ‘Culbertson Cup’ for highest sound quality in any MECA division being earned by Kirk Proffitt and Rob Bess of Audio Specialists, respectively.

Over the course of the 2019 season, Team Hybrids and Team Zapco competitors accumulated a plethora of Top-Three placements, and both teams joined the total of 107 (up 17 from 2018) sound quality competitors who came with their best to compete at the IASCA North American Championship (INAC) and MECA ‘World Finals’ Soundfest at the 2019 Car Audio Championship. Among some of the notable achievements of Hybrid Audio Technologies and Zapco-equipped vehicles, was Jeff Arkema, with a Championship in IASCA’s Amateur Class, using Zapco AP amplifiers. Rob Bess with a Championship in IASCA’s Pro Class and MECA’s Modex class, using Zapco LX amplifiers, Kirk Proffitt with a Championship in MECA’s Modified Street class using Zapco AP amplifiers, and Tim Smith in MECA’s Extreme class, using Zapco AP amplifiers. Ben Zimmerman earned the Runner-Up trophy in IASCA’s Expert 1 division, and 3rd place in MECA’s Extreme class, using Hybrid Audio Legatia X front stage, Hybrid Audio Clarus subwoofer, Zapco AP amplifiers, and Zapco HDSP-Z16 processor. Mick Shuck earned the Runner-Up trophy in MECA’s Modified Street class, using Zapco AP amplifiers. Michael Myers of ST6 earned the Runner-Up trophy in MECA’s modified class, using Zapco AP amplifiers and a Hybrid Audio Clarus subwoofer, just ahead of Bruce Miller of Audio X, who rounded out the Top-Three in Modified, using Zapco AP amplifiers.

Zapco amplifiers swept the Top-3 podium positions in Modex, with Jeff Arkema and Bill Gunsallus with 2nd and 3rd positions, respectively. Tom Meyers won the Championship in SQ2 using only Unity U3 and U69-S speakers in the factory locations of his Dodge 2500, with a Zapco Z-150.6 AP for amplification. Finally, after an eight and a half year hiatus, Scott Buwalda returned the infamous ‘Black Betty’ to IASCA competition, earning the Championship in the Extreme Open division, with the highest sound quality and installation scores of the 2019 IASCA North American Championship event.

Team Hybrids’ captain, Scott Welch traveled from California to support the team throughout the weekend, as did Scott Buwalda, founder of Hybrid Audio Technologies.

“Hybrid Audio Technologies competitors have been a mainstay in IASCA and MECA competition, where more top-3 placements have been achieved in the past decade than any other speaker manufacturer” noted Scott Buwalda, Founder of both Hybrid Audio Technologies and Aurigin Inc. “We are also especially grateful to the hard work by Zapco competitors that continued to establish Zapco as the preeminent amplifier brand, and offer congratulations to all Team Zapco members.”

To inquire about the possible representation or distribution opportunities with either Hybrid Audio Technologies or Zapco, please contact Aurigin, Inc. at +1 833.287.4446 or by emailing [email protected].

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