OMEGA Intros Powersports Alarm

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Omega remote start

Press Release: Douglasville, GA – Omega Research is releasing a new powersports alarm under the Excalibur brand.

The new AL-1070-PS is a waterproof alarm system, rated at iP66 with vibration and shock resistant construction.

It has a closed wire loop trigger to protect accessories such as helmets, coolers, and sound equipment.

The alarm features two 2-button water resistant remotes (not intended for submersion in water).

Other key features:

  • Vehicle horn honk control with adjustable output for Low, Medium, High volume or “Human Panic” modes
  • Onboard Tilt/Shock sensor with fully programmable sensitivity – can enable/disable shock for tilt-only mode.
  • Water resistant siren included – siren/horn output compatible with LINKR-LT alarm notification input.
  • Omega’s exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty on ALL components

Product Development Manager, Mike Thompson said, with the alarm, “I can dock my jet ski for lunch and arm it with tilt only sensing. I don’t have to worry about the shock triggering from bumping the dock. I can also use the wire loop trigger through my dock lines so it’ll go off if unhooked….And if someone does trigger it, it will send a notification to my phone through the LINKR-LT2 smartphone interface.”

The AL-1070-PS also features one auxiliary output for activating remote start, turning on LED lights, and more.  It has a dedicated trigger input wire as well for adding external switches/sensors to storage compartments, coolers, etc. You can select between driving the included siren or by using one of 4 horn honk modes to control the vehicle’s factory horn. “Human Panic is one of my favorite newer features. I designed the timing after old horror movies where a driver gets strangled from behind and is mashing the horn uncontrollably. It never fails to get attention when activated,” Thompson said.

The system also includes anti-hijacking technology, passive starter interrupt that engages automatically after the ignition is turned off whether or not the alarm is armed.

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