Apple May Release ‘Pro’ iPhones

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Apple is expected to release new “Pro” iPhones next month with a 3-camera system that can capture wide angle shots, reports Bloomberg.

Video capability on the phones will be closer to professional video cameras where users can retouch video as it is being shot live.  Users will be able to add effects, change colors, and crop while recording, said Bloomberg.

As for the cameras, there will be a third sensor on the back of the phone that can capture wide-angle photos and videos.  The phones can also capture three images simultaneously and then apply artificial intelligence to correct the shot.  So if someone is cut out of one shot, he’s automatically added in. The system also improves images taken in low light.

Another cool feature is you will be able to charge AirPods in their case by placing the case on the back of the phone.

The Pro iPhones will be even more water resistant than current phones, which can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes, said Bloomberg.  But for 5G, users will need to wait for next year.

For more see Bloomberg here.

Source: Bloomberg

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