VOXX Ships Advanced Gentex Rear View Mirror

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VOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC) is shipping a frameless aftermarket rear view replacement mirror that can work with smart home products such as lights, thermostats, door locks and more.

Users can program the new Gentex mirror to perform a series of commands automatically when you leave the house or enter the driveway.

“If you have a Nest thermostat or a Schlage [digital] door locking system and smart lamps…you can aggregate them into one button,” said VOXX Electronics Senior VP Aron Demers.

The mirror uses the HomeLink system for garage door control.  But it also works with an app that lets you assign other commands to the HomeLink buttons.  So whenever you open or close a garage door, it will also trigger a series of commands such as turning out the lights, locking the door and turning down the thermostat.  Then upon returning home and opening the garage door, it can reverse the chain of action and turn on the lights, etc.

Users download the Gentex HomeLink Connect app from the App Store or Google Play.  The app then walks you through the set up to add other smart home systems.

The Gentex ADVGENFLCHLN is frameless and includes Bluetooth and auto-dimming.

Suggested retail price of the mirror is $299.99.

The ADVGENFLCHLN includes the following features:

  • AUTO-DIMMING: Automatically darkens to eliminate glare
  • FRAMELESS DESIGN: Enhanced aesthetics to complement any vehicle interior
  • CAR-TO-HOME AUTOMATION: Control garage doors, gates, home lighting, and more
  • INTEGRATED HOMELINK 5: 99% compatibility with garage door openers and security gates
  • Control individual devices or create entire “departure” or “arrival” scenes
  • Available for North America (US and Canada)

First-year use of the HomeLink Connect app is free with an annual renewal rate of $1.99 thereafter.

For more information visit: www.voxxelectronics.com.



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  1. FL in VOXX/ Advent world is already taken by FlashLogic modules, so that’s actually a wrong turn. Whether or not the mirror is frameless, that point really doesn’t need a ridiculous 2-letter callout to it in the model number…

  2. Hi Billy, that person would be me. Stereo Dan pretty much has the system figured out. I know it’s a long part number, and we are working on developing a new system, but that is the reason why.

  3. Actually the part number makes perfect sense for Advent dealers. ADV IS ADVENT, GEN is Gentex, FL is frameless, CH is Car to Home, LN is long neck mount style.

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