Rockford Claims First OEM System for a UTV

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Rockford Fosgate said it has partnered with Polaris to built the first factory system for a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle).  Additionally, it is promoting the system as the loudest UTV audio system.

The new RZR Pro XP system will be standard equipment on one RZR trim level and an option on the rest.

“We are first to develop a factory installed Polaris system. No one in the industry is installing OEM on any side by side. It’s the loudest, the best, and the only one,” said Rockford VP Sales & Marketing Theresa Anthony, adding, “Other manufacturers have developed stereos for side by sides that have been an accessory option. We are the first to have developed one that is factory installed or factory equipped.”

The new RZR Pro XP vehicles were unveiled to Polaris dealers on Sunday.

The Rockford audio system is specifically tuned to the new RZR vehicles and is optimized to combat wind and motor noise.  The system is also water resistant.

The audio system is offered in different configurations that include a 10-inch, 400 watt subwoofer and 400 watt amplifier with front under-dash 6.5-inch speakers.  Users can choose from a Polaris 7-inch Ride Command head unit at $1,549 or a Rockford PMX-2 head unit with 2.7- inch display at $549.  Also available is a version of the subwoofer that includes 6.5-inch rear coaxial speakers or a separate option of “rear pod” 6.5-inch coaxial speakers with can enclosures.

Full systems range in price from $1,299 to $4,469.

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  1. Yep, this is exactly why we dumped Rockford. Big forced buy in’s, and they keep edging us out.

  2. “It’s the loudest, the best, and the only one”

    Well… yep.. being the only one generally means it’s the best and loudest.
    By that way of thinking, it also means it’s the worst and the weakest all at the same time. LOL.

  3. Awesome… just one more way Rockford is cutting out the independent retailers and going direct. Just like they did with the Harley dealers. Not cool guys, not cool.

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