Distributor Exits 12 Volt

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MRI sells off car audio

MRI, a Northeast car and home audio distributor has spun off its car audio division and sold it to a new distributor called Go Fast Solutions.

The new distributor is based in Middletown, CT, about 10 minutes from the main MRI location.  MRI’s mobile team of employees will go over to Go Fast Solutions.

MRI notified its vendors late last week that it was leaving the business to focus on home audio, as it was recently purchased by SnapAV whose key focus is home and commercial audio.

MRI President Robert Dean said the transition will be complete in early August. He expects a seamless transition, he said.

Go Fast Solutions was not immediately accessible at press time.

They will cater to both the powersports audio and car audio markets in the Northeast with a 22,000 square foot warehouse with a showroom, and they will continue their annual dealer shows.

Dean said the goal is for Go Fast Solutions to open literally the day after MRI officially closes its mobile division, “so there will be no interruption in business to our customers.  The new company will have the same sales reps and obviously they will be trying to build on what we’ve done here.  We expect it to be really positive.”

“The mobile business was a great business,” he added. “We’re sorry to see it go…Our first six months were very good at MRI, so it’s a good division and we expect it to continue to grow and prosper and move ahead. I’m going to miss the mobile side, of course,” Dean said.

More information will follow.

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  1. Congratulations Bob, it was a pleasure working with you and the MRI Car Audio team! Wish the new organization much success!

  2. Congratulations Bob and thank you for all the years you supported this category. I especially appreciate the personal and professional relationship you had with me and many numerous others who helped build this business from the ground up. It was always a pleasure working with you and your entire team!

  3. Honestly,

    I believe the headline should read… “NEW DISTRIBUTOR ENTERS THE 12 VOLT BUSINESS”

    Ray Windsor

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