Top Multimedia Deck So Far 2019

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multimedia deck top grossing

Below are the top 5 aftermarket AV/receivers (with or without navigation) in the U.S. based on dollar sales through May, according to the NPD Group.

Compared to last year, Kenwood won a much stronger position, reversing roles with Pioneer.  This year, four of the top five decks in dollar sales to consumers were from Kenwood and one was from Pioneer.  Last year the numbers were in reverse proportion.

The top selling multimedia deck through May in dollars was the Kenwood DMX7705S.  The AV/deck has no CD/DVD player.  It has short chassis to fit into more cars. It sports a 6.95-inch touch screen and built in CarPlay and Android Auto. A current everyday price is around $349.

The second top seller is the Pioneer AVH-W4500NEX with wireless CarPlay and Android Auto wireless.  It has a 6.94-inch display, HD Radio, WebLink and Miracast plus DVD player.  It has a current everyday price around $695.

The full results on the top 5 AV decks compared to last year are as follows:

Jan. – May 2019

Model Brand
1 DMX7705S Kenwood
2 AVHW4400NEX Pioneer
3 DDX6705S Kenwood
4 DMX905S Kenwood
5 DNX995S Kenwood


Jan. – May 2018

Model Brand
1 AVH2330NEX Pioneer
2 AVH4201NEX Pioneer
3 AVH1330NEX Pioneer
4 MVH2300EX Pioneer
5 DMX7704S Kenwood


Source: The NPD Group, Inc., U.S. Retail Tracking Service, in-dash video receivers, in-dash & portable navigation with fixed mount, based on dollar sales, Jan.-May

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  1. pioneer was riding the wave , guess they didn’t realize there are sharks in the big ocean and they left more than their feet dangling , that’s fur shure !

  2. Gee, you mean destroying their distribution model, and doubling their SKU production, and making more than half of those SKUs, “Limited”, in the past 3 years HASN’T worked for Pioneer? No surprise there. They’ve alienated their loyal 30-plus year dealer base, and did this to themselves, and basically handed it all to Kenwood. However, Kenwood has done an outstanding job, listening to dealers, keeping the SKUs sensible and manageable by features and numbers, and generally working with and for the dealers.

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