Atrend Ships Its First Amp (Sealed Box Amp)

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Atrend sealed box amp

Atrend is shipping its first amplifier under the Atrend brand– a sealed box model, rated at 336 watts RMS, making it one of the most powerful sealed box amplifiers of its type, says Atrend.

The amp can be added to a subwoofer enclosure to create an amplified system.

The 300.1SBA Class-D amplifier is built into an airtight case.  It has sealed subwoofer leads to prevent internal sub box air from leaking into and out of the amplifier.

It may be used with custom-designed or off-the-shelf enclosures.

The 300.1SBA just began shipping at $149.99


– Unbalanced Low-Level RCA Inputs
– High Level 10 Volt Inputs
– Selectable Amp Turn-On Selection With Remote – DC Input – Signal Sense
– Adjustable Level Control at 0.2v – 6v
– Bass Boost at 0dB – 12dB
– Phase Control at 0 – 180 degrees
– Quick Connect Power/Remote/Ground Plug
– Variable Crossover Adjustments at 40Hz – 200Hz
– Visual Protection Circuit With DC Offset – Short Circuit – Thermal Over Load
– Bass Remote With 3.5mm Bass Remote Cable
– 336 Watts RMS at 2 Ohms

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  1. Only real enclosure brand that’s moving the needle these days. Good on them for seeing the opportunity and taking the lead.

  2. I seen the press release on their Facebook. Looked great. Loving the product. These guys have really turned around their products and social media as of the last 90 days. Cheers to the creative team and product development. This thing is gonna sell.

  3. I like this concept a lot. I can see where these amps would work out in certain applications. Good job Atrend for thinking outside the box. No pun intended.

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