Laser Cutting Class From Kingpin

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Kingpin University training

LAS VEGAS– Kingpin University (KPU) announced that its next class will be the first to fully acquaint mobile electronics installers and fabricators with practical and everyday uses for laser cutting machines. The “Laser Focus” three-day session is scheduled for September 7-9 at the brand’s new retail and training facility, located at 5880 S. Valley View Blvd. in Las Vegas.

The Laser Focus course will familiarize attendees with the laser-cutting and engraving machinery, including power requirements, maintenance and safety. A segment on software will teach configuration and setup to properly plan and input jobs to achieve the desired result. In addition, attendees will get ideas from experienced instructors on adding premium enhancements to traditional installs and learn tips and techniques to improve efficiency. Finally, the class will teach retailers how to bid for—and profit from—laser-enhanced work.

“I think just the word ‘laser’ causes an intimidation factor in our industry,” said Kingpin University President Jason Kranitz. “It’s a big machine with technology we really only talk about in science fiction and specialized fabrication. The goal of the class is for shops to see a laser cutting machine as a tool they can use every day on a number of projects to add creativity and value to their work.”

Kranitz will be joined by industry experts John Brettle, Chris McNulty, and Erick Markland, all of whom have been recognized and awarded by Mobile Electronics magazine for their installation and fabrication expertise. Instructors will guide attendees in creating take-home projects that demonstrate their laser use and fabrication skill to potential customers.

Laser Focus is the second class offered by Kingpin University since its move from Wilsonville, Ore., to Las Vegas. Held June 7-9, the inaugural session welcomed 35 attendees to the new facility to learn techniques for 3D routering, vinyl wrapping, metal mesh and using aluminum and stainless steel to create attractive accents for finished work.

“The main reason we made the move was to make training more accessible to more installers,” said Kranitz. “Las Vegas is a popular destination so there are more affordable flight and entertainment options. Our ultimate objective is to become an easy-to-access training hub where we can host classes and partner with manufacturers to train industry professionals in a working retail facility.”

Tuition for the Laser Focus course is $799.00, which includes lunch daily. The nearby Palace Station Hotel is available for out-of-town attendees at a special rate for the course. Installation professionals can reserve a seat for the course at For more information on Kingpin University’s training, products and services, please call (702) 850-2995 or visit

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