NAV-TV Broadens Launch of ADAS

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NAV-TV has moved from the test phase for its crash warning/DVR into a broad launch of the product, its first in the driver safety category.

The NAV-TV MDAS-9 crash warning device also offers lane departure and pedestrian warning and other vehicle monitoring features plus a digital video recorder.

NAV-TV announced that it partnered with South Korean Tier-1 supplier Movon to offer the MDAS-9, which is a commercial OEM-grade aftermarket product requiring professional installation.

About 94 percent of all accidents are caused by driver error and nearly 80 percent of crashes involve some form of driver distraction within three seconds before the incident.  Advanced crash warning systems such as the MDAS-9 can cut down crashes by 40 percent, said NAV-TV Vice President Derek Schmiedl, citing research from NHTSA.

The system is universal and may be installed on passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles or heavy equipment.  It  operates on both 12 and 24 Volt DC charging systems.

Unlike many aftermarket ADAS systems, the MDAS-9 requires no special calibration or alignment aids, so installation is streamlined.

Vehicle speed, turn signal and brake information are obtained either through CAN, analog inputs, or a combination of the two. The included inductive CAN interface allows the vehicle data to be read without modifying the vehicle wiring or voiding the warranty.

Alerts of the MDAS-9 include:

Forward Collision Warning (FCW): Assists the driver in maintaining a safe distance to vehicles ahead. Provides the driver with a distance to the vehicle ahead and gives an audible and visual warning if a potential collision is identified

Lane Departure Warning (LDW): Alerts the driver with an audible and visual warning if a lane departure is identified without the driver using their turn signals. This enables the driver to quickly correct potentially unsafe or unintentional lane changes.

Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW): Warns the driver by sending out an audible and visual alert whenever a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcycle is identified. Alerts are active from 0-24 mph.

Forward Proximity Warning (FPW): Identifies vehicles ahead during low speed operation. The FPW features alerts the driver when it detects a vehicle ahead at low speeds. The distance is configurable from 4’ to 10’ and speed can be configured from 0-18 mph.

Front Vehicle Start Alarm (FVSA): Notifies the driver if the vehicle ahead moves forward from a complete stop yet the driver does not move forward after 2 seconds. This feature helps to avoid driver distraction at stop sign and stop lights.

Digital Video Recorder (DVR): Records HD video of the road ahead and displays the video with all ADAS warnings and alerts upon playback. Supports loop recording to the on-board SD card every minute. With the optional driver facing or rear view camera, the driver or rear of the vehicle is displayed in a picture-in-picture mode along with the front camera and all ADAS warnings and alerts.

The MDAS-9 comes standard with a composite video output which can be used to display the front camera image on a vehicle-specific NAV-TV video integration device, a hidden external DVR or video streaming device, an aftermarket radio or monitor. The optional haptic vibration alert device provides an additional layer of protection by adding a vibration alert to the driver’s seat, seatbelt or steering column. For use in older vehicles, or vehicles that utilize a mechanical speedometer, vehicle speed information may be obtained from the available GPS Antenna.

The MDAS-9 is compatible with third party systems for fleet management such as  Geotab, Servision,Traffilog and Ituran.

A video of the MDAS-9, as well as a preview of the upcoming MDSM-7 distracted driver alerts system, may be viewed HERE.

The MDAS-9 has a retail price of $949.

For more information contact 1-866-477-3336 in the US and Canada or 1-561-955-9770 (international),  or [email protected].



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