NAV-TV Launches Driver Safety Test Trial

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NAV-TV is entering the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, ADAS, market with a new professional-grade crash warning/dashcam device. The company said it has completed internal testing of the new system, and is seeking up to 150 car audio dealers to participate in a test trial of the product, called the MDAS-9.

To offer the MDAS-9, NAV-TV has partnered with the second largest Tier One OEM supplier of ADAS systems, it said.  The name of the partner will be announced in the near future, NAV-TV said.

The MDAS-9 includes lane departure warning and advanced pedestrian warning, as well as crash warning and a built-in DVR.  By the end of the year, NAV-TV hopes to offer it to about 450 select dealers.

The system works with any vehicle.  It requires professional installation of about 1- 1 ½ hours.  It is fleet-grade and aimed at both consumer users and fleet operators.

NAV-TV said the product will be “fiercely protected” from Internet discounting and the company will enforce select distribution.  “We will aggressively enforce MAP with no second chances. If you put a product [unauthorized] online, you’re gone,” said  NAV-TV VP of OEM and Business Development, Derek Schmiedl.

“This is literally designed by a company producing OEM lane departure, crash warning and pedestrian detection. This is not a $200 or $300 item.  It is intended as  fleet management equipment, OE grade equipment,” he said, adding, the product is also aimed at parents of teen drivers, elderly drivers, or “any situation where you have expensive equipment for commercial applications.”

Schmiedl said, “This system is predominantly intended to save lives.”

The retail price of the MDAS-9 is $949.

It includes a black box that mounts behind the dash.  A cable runs to the main unit that mounts on the windshield with a front camera/DVR.  It can also work with a rear camera and a second front camera that can be aimed at the driver.  That camera can overlay the feed from the other camera so you can see what the driver is doing along with the road conditions.

The system detects pedestrians, bicyclists or motorcycles, as well as vehicles ahead.

It integrates with 3rd party fleet management software.

The MDAS-9 is one of three new categories that NAV-TV will enter this year, it said.


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